Wednesday, December 4, 2013


One of Will's first e-mails from the MTC.    Read this, and then read Sara's blog, you will have to agree that these two are related.  It must be a genetic thing and I'm afraid it stems from me.
Hey Family!
I'm glad that dad got his card, and that you guys get to go on trek! 
And ya, I got your package.  But you know those days when everything in the world just goes your way?
Today was not one of those days haha :)
I figured out that I lost my watch that I bought, then I broke the watch that you sent me, then I got locked out of my room this morning and had to
go track down my roommates throughout the mtc in my pj's.  Then we went to the temple and got swarmed by 50 other missionaries.  Then
my camera decided to be retarded and the lens won't close properly (i may send it to you to get taken care of at radio shack)  Then my
debit card got denied at the temple cafeteria. (just wondering if you could find out what's wrong)
But today is actually a really good day :) I'm happy.  The mtc has been getting a whole lot better.  And it progressively gets better.  9 weeks is still a
long time though.  Hope you have fun at trek!  Thanks for all you do!
Love you guys!
-Elder Kenneth Will(iam) Bass
p.s. could you have dad maybe find a watch like the one I bought at walmart?  It was really nice and not too expensive.
p.p.s Can't wait for Sara to have this experience!  It's pretty amazing!

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