Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hardships are followed by blessings. . .

Hey Family!!!

Hardships are always followed by blessings!!! We were finally able to meet with a man who we found in the area book when I first got here.  We felt really good about calling this guy, and meeting with him, but he was always too busy to meet with him.  We called him almost every week, but it was the same story.  On monday last week, he finally said he had a day off and would meet with us!!!  We decided to meet at 6 at a metro station, but we were running way late.  We ended up being 30 min late, and were way worried we wouldn't be able to meet with him.  But he waited for us!!!  He took us to a cafe nearby and bought us some tea (herbal, totally legal for us :) ) and told us his story of meeting the missionaries over a year ago.
He said he first met with missionaries for English, and eventually stopped meeting with them, due to business and missionary transfers.  He explained that when we started calling him he got really excited, and wanted to start meeting with us.  He says he has a desire to get to know God more, and to start going to church (but he's just toooooo busy)  He has a BoM but has only read it with missionaries, but he opened it up with us and started reading out of the Bible Dictionary in the back, and was just explaining how he actually enjoyed it!!  Haha, we thought that was funny.  We can actually tell he is sincere.   We felt the spirit throughout our meeting with him, and all the night after.  He told us to call him MORE often!  So we've been in close contact.  When he left he wanted a picture with us, and he sent that to my email.  I'll send that to you :)

I'm way excited about this guy, I hope it turns out well.  We also got a media referral from SLC Temple Square, we plan on visiting them when they get back.  Way exciting!

Thanks family!  I hope everythings going well!!!

I love you!!

Старейшина Басс

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