Friday, December 13, 2013

An interesting week. . .

Hey Family!!!  So I'm in a hurry!
Ok!!!  This week!
So Monday was our culture night!!!  We got to go see a play, and we went to see Fiddler on the Roof!!!  In Russian!!!!  WAY awesome!  I wanna go again SO bad!  Way better than the English version!
Tuesday, we had FHE (my first one!) at a members home.  Way fun, they have two kids, a baby and a little girl.  The little girl was so cute it was ridiculous.  I made a paper airplane for her, and she loved it SO much!  She started just throwing it everywhere, and the baby boy started crackin up!  He thought it was the funniest thing ever or something.  The baby laughed harder I've ever seen a baby laugh, and every time she threw it he just busted a gut!  So funny.
Wednesday!  We had a couple lessons, one of which was with our investigator Dima.  He has come to church I think 6 times!   This was only his second meeting with us, and the first time doesn't really count.  We asked him if he wanted to be baptized, and he said yes!  He asked all the right questions, and prayed at the end.  Such a good investigator (or so we thought....)
Thursday Transfers.  We were running people around all day carrying luggage and stuff.
Friday, Don't remember.  Kinda sad haha.
Saturday: Busy day.  Like 3 meetings on different parts of Moscow.  We've been seeing ad's that Nitro Circus is soon in town, and I commented to Marx about that a couple times.  They're a group of motorcyclists and stunt devils who do all sorts of crazy stuff, started by a couple Mormons.  (I dunno if it's still on Netflix, but you should watch Nitro circus the movie :) Dad will like it I think) Turns out they invited any Missionaries in Moscow to come watch if we could bring investigators for free!!!!!!!!  Way cool!  That was supposed to be today...We called Dima to come with us....And while we explained it, he said that he needed to be honest with us.  He explained that he only wanted to become Mormon because he thought it would help him get to America.  He figured now, that that wasn't true.  So he decided he wasn't going to meet with us anymore. We took that pretty hard.
Sunday church and planning, and we found out that Nitro Circus is cancelled for Missionaries.  So another big let down.  Oh well.

Ya that was the week.

Oh, and halloween is not celebrated here.  So ya we didn't celebrate it :( But other holidays are HUGE here!

Ok, sorry for not a big email.  I love you guys!!  Have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Will Bass

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