Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Tags!

Hey Mom!!!!  

Thanks for still being my mom, haha :)  

I'm sad I don't get to see Sara go, but I guess one of us had to make the sacrifice huh? :)


This place is ghetto.  The priesthood presidency of the ward,  helps us SOOO much.  Anyway, we go to his apartment about every week, and his apartment building looks like it's straight out of I am Legend.  Like zombie apocalypse.  I'll have to take a picture.  What's funny is his apartment is nicer than ours, so I guess that says a lot about our apartment! Oh, and he looks like Jason Bourne with a lazy eye!  He's such a cool guy.

We have a new investigator, he's Armenian, and he said that while he lived in armenia like 10 years ago he met with the missionaries a couple times.  So we met with him twice, and gave him a BoM in Armenian, and he's been asking all the right questions and doing all the right things!!!  He calls us all the time too.  He seems interested in Baptism too.  If he doesn't end up getting baptized, I'd be so sad.  Our area is really having a hard time.  We're at about 40 baptisms for our mission this year.  Which is a mission of about 25 million people.  

I also met a guy on the metro who had some drum sticks, I talked to him about it for about two min, gave him a pamphlet and got off the metro.  He called us and wanted to play drums!  So we went to this sketchy beyond belief building where you can rent drums, and played and taught him a lesson.  Cool kid.

Well mom and family I love you!!!  My time is SUPER limited here I feel like, but I'll do my best about getting you some letters!  I already sent two that I wrote on the plane!  

I love you!

Старейшина Басс

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