Monday, December 9, 2013

Mission life: arrests, ballet and transfers. . .

Ok, to the family!

So this week one of our investigators (one of our best investigators!!!) left the country to go to Maldova.  :(  His mother is sick and needs surgery, so he went there to go take care of her for the better part of a month.  Dang.  

Oh, and Dad, you said that people get less patient when it gets colder and darker.  Ya, I coulda told you that about 3 weeks ago haha.  It has rained probly 5-6 out of 7 days every week for the past 3 weeks.  And it's been getting colder and darker quick!  We try to keep busy with lots of things and lessons, but often we have nothing to do except for contacting.  In the rain, it's awful.  There are not very many people out for one, and for two, no one wants to talk, for three, they are very very rude/mean.  But that's ok :)  We sometimes meet some nicer people out in the rain.  They usually offer us alcohol (usually vodka, or some really strong drink.) which is a sign they don't have a problem with us.  

Cops don't like us.  Sometimes we get stopped, but we have our papers, so they leave us alone after a while.  Not uncommon for arrests to occur. (It's ok Mom!  They let the missionaries go, we have a GREAT lawyer!  She's kinda a mamma-bear)

I haven't told you, but there are some restrictions on things I can say.  And pictures I can send.  The government monitors emails going out of Russia.  And the President has asked us not to say certain things as well.  Nothing too big of a deal, it's ok!  I'll tell you anything important!  They're not going to keep anything from you that is important to do with me! :)

Last week we saw a ballet!  In the Kremlin!!!  We don't often go to Red Square, but we had a "culture night" and my district went and saw this ballet in the Kremlin!  It was sick.  The theater was BIG, but it was only about a quarter full, if that.  I think most people there were tourists, and there are less and less tourists now that it's getting cold.  The ballet was...Interesting.  It was cool, but I don't think I need to see another one unless it was something like the Nutcracker.  VERY hard to understand!!!  Not the language, they don't speak at all.  They just dance.

So, if you ever go to a ballet, make sure you know what the story is before you go!  Or buy a program (if you can read it haha) OR, just make up the story as you go, like my companion did haha XD

It's a new transfer, so my comp. is now DL.  We are WAYYY busier now, with meetings and taking care of missionaries who need help. With transfers we had to help move a bazillion suitcases taking trains out of the city, who's trains were leaving at midnight!  Wow.  Trains are the main source of transportation in Russia.  And our mission is huge, with the furthest city (that is open right now, looking at a map it doesn't look very far) about 9 hours by train.  

One more cool thing!  There is a film thing going on here.  With the church getting bigger here, the church wants to make a mormon message or movie or something for the Europe East areas.  They're in Moscow right now, and they need some footage of members and churches and missionaries.  Me and my comp got chosen by the President to help out in it!!!  We got filmed teaching one of our investigators on a bridge, and talking/planning with the senior couple in our area.  We will probly get like 5 seconds in the video, but we still got filmed.  It was awesome!  Our investigator, he was nervous about doing it at first, but we told him "but you have such a good face, you'll be great for this!" and he was like "I know that I have a good face, but I don't know if I want to be famous yet..."  He's pretty hilarious.  And ya, he was serious :)

Ok, thats it for now.  I love you guys!!!  I love reading about your adventures without me!  

Старейшина Басс


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