Saturday, December 7, 2013

Member are the Key!

Hey Family!
This week felt great!  But I can't think of anything that spectacular happening.  Working on a few investigators, trying to get them committed to baptism.

The muslims are way nice people, they just typically are VERY closed off to christianity.  They do not like us to try to teach them about religion.
My new coat is very WARM, mom!!  I sweat in 8 degree (celsius) weather!

Oh Yvonne!!!  Guess what!  LOADS of people have the same name as you, the only difference is that they are all guys!!!  Haha, the Russian name Ivan, is pronounced ee-vahn here. (Иван)

 Russia is fantastic!  I don't have any time to write, which I hate!

But I'll just say it's getting colder, we're really trying hard to start working with the members.  I came out with one progressing investigator, and now have 5!  (would be 6 but one's in Maldova)  

I am falling in love with my area, and really want to see my area and ward build!  Just to testify, Members are the key!!!  Do home teaching!  Help the missionaries when you can!  

Sorry, I have 0 time :( 

Love you all!

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