Thursday, December 5, 2013

Russian culture

Hey Mom and Dad!  
And the new HIGH SCHOOLER!!!  

Hey Yvonne!?  How's high school!?  Now this doesn't mean you're mature yet, there are plenty of immature high schoolers!

So you gotta tell me about this movie! The Saratov Approach. sounds way cool!  Is it church produced or is it hollywood?  
And just so you know, 15 years ago in Russia was WAY bad.  Like VERY bad.  And it has since gotten a LOT better.  They are really trying to modernize/amercanize a lot of things here.  There is still crime, which I have seen 1st hand, but that comes with the level of poverty that can be seen here.  
With the poverty that is here, there are also a lot of rich people.  Expensive cars are everywhere.  Dad should know what a Buggatti is, I've seen one of those haha.  And I've walked down Rich people areas....They live in what we would think of as a common apartment.  SUPER expensive here!  And back to cars?  The roads aren't that great, and the driving!!!???  Scariest thing of my life!  You've seen videos of bad wrecks on youtube?   Most are in Russia haha.  Good thing we're never on the road.

And don't worry about no baptisms.  I really believe it's picking up spectacularily!!!  My area not so much right now, but one of my Mtc buddies has 3!!! Baptismal dates set up right now!  Which is unheard of!!!!  And we have two investigators right now, whom we both starting meeting while I've been here, who we think are seriously on the road to being baptized.  It's really great!

Oh ya, we went LAZER tagging in Russia!  At the mall called Золотой Вавилон (Golden Babylon)  Yup, we missionaries went to babylon!  Haha, and it was the BIGGEST mall I have ever seen in my life!  It's about 3 times the height of provo mall, and it was about 500 yards long.  (Not kidding dad.  It was THAT big!!!)  We walked for 25 minutes in one direction and covered probly 1/5 of it.  On one floor!  Huge mall!!!!

Anyway, I love you guys!!!!  

Старейшина Басс

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