Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Out There!

K, Sorry I haven't emailed you about my comp.  Hes a great guy!  Reminds me of Jeremiah a little.  His name is Elder Marx (ya dad, like Carl Marx! starts great convo with lots of people btw.  People REALLY like Carl Marx here haha.  Didn't like Stalin tho.  Haven't heard what people think of Lenin...)  

I'm doing great still!!  It's been getting cold QUICK, been raining a lot!  And they did something cool!  They had a holiday so they sent Jets in the air and spent millions of dollars on some weather changing stuff, to make it stop raining!  And it WORKED!!!  It stopped raining, and it got warmer.  It should get cold again soon tho, and they say winter will hit soon.  I gotta coat!  And it ROCKS!  They wanted a lot for it, but I talked em down and got it for about $150!  (helped that we bought 2, my comp got one.)  They say coats aren't considered expensive until about $3-350, but that coats that expensive are Definitely worth it to buy if you can afford it.  Mine is one that is worth it at that, I bet I could get a lot for it in the U.S.  So ya, I'm happy. :)  Way warm, way big, and so cool :)

Love, Will
Старейшина Бас

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