Monday, January 13, 2014

Things Are Looking Up!

Transfers are this week, and I'm losing Elder Marx. I'm staying in Арбатский for another transfer with Elder Davis, he's coming up from Воронеж (Voronezh??) He's a zone leader down there, which is pretty cool.  I'm pretty excited. 
We got another investigator,t we actually have some hope for him; he's been talking to a member online through  Her name's Надя (Nadya), she and her twin sister actually have a mormon message.  We had a lesson with him with her on the lesson.  She was a lot of help!  We are right now just hoping he's not just interested in the church cuz he's got a crush on her or something
     Things are looking up I think.  Yesterday we had 2 lessons with our friend who left for Armenia a while, but came back!  Hes never been to church, and has had a hard time meeting with us in the past, but now he is committed to coming to church and wants to meet with us everyweek.  He gave his book of Mormon in Armenian away to his family while he was down there, because he said that he didn't know of any way they could get in contact with the missionaries down there to get one.  He's pretty awesome!!!  We also met with this guy named Maxim, who has been kind of skeptical about the church and missionaries, and religion in general.  We invited him to our FHE that we have every week, and no one else who was supposed to come showed up except one member, Artyom (Артём) and the senior couple (cuz it's held at their apartment) and we just played games and stuff with him.  It was a blast!!!  We built a great foundation with him, and we had some great discussions about the church with him as well.  He is now very willing to meet with us to talk about our purpose here, and discuss the church. Very cool!!

Ok, Love you guys!!!

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