Monday, January 13, 2014

Doing the work with doughnuts!

Hey family!

Sorry my emails are always so short and without pictures.  I just don't take pictures very often, and I just don't have a lot of time to email..  I think I'm slow at emailing.  And our day is just always so packed as is;  The metro just sucks our day away, everyday.  You have to ride the metro anywhere you go.  

So this week we have been planning a party for our English clubbers.  Also for investigators and for members of course.  Me and Elder Marx have been put in charge it, it's for pretty much all of the missionaries in Moscow.  We've recruited the sister's help in our district (and they're pretty much planning it, while having us run around and do the errands :) )
Me and Elder Marx have been put in charge of a big party for pretty much all of the missionaries in Moscow. (at least half of Moscow...the bigger half)  It's for English club, but we're inviting all of our investigators and Members.  We've been working hard to try and get this put together.  We have a bunch of games that we're planning on doing. One of them is doughnut eating on a string.  So today we have the job of finding cheap doughnuts!  Which will be a huge task all in itself.  Doughnuts don't exist in Moscow, and where they do they are VERY expensive.  Well, everything is expensive in Moscow.

We've been getting shut down a lot.  It's kind of depressing to be honest.  No one likes to talk to us, and we're losing investigators fast.  I told you about our golden investigator.  He won't answer the phone anymore.  It's getting harder and harder out here.  I still love it here in Russia, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  But it's been hard.

 It's defintely a different world over here.  A lot of neat culture and things to see, it's defintely a place that I think you'd like to see!  

Love you family!!! 

Старейшина Bass

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