Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New area: Podolsk


Hey family! 
      We're outside a lot, walking the streets talkiing to people.  Had a sweet sacrifice I think I already told you about.  Our area presidency has said that they don't think we have had enough sacrifice in this mission so we sacrificed sweets this transfer as a zone to show God we are serious about making a certain goal. We didn't make our goal, but we put forth a big effort to get 40 member present lessons together as a zone in one week.  We got 29 in our zone, which is way better than it's been in the past, especially this time of year!  
      To make the goal we would have had to get 4 or 5 as a companionship this week, but we got 2.  We got a lot of figs (where people just don't show up to an appointment) that is very common here.  People set up an appointment, and we even make sure the very day of the appt. that it will still work, and they just don't show up.  Then usually, we can never get a hold of them again.  Happened twice to us.  Also had a lesson with an investigator we've had since I got here, and we dropped her.  We started talking about her coming to church, and she said our members and bishop could go to h...  And started talking to us about anti mormon But she says she likes us and wants us to come back.  (We won't.)  As is missionary life in Moscow :)  
      Well, I'm getting transferred out of my first area!!  I'm going to Podolsk.  It's about 45 min south of the metro (I think) on an electrishka train.  But it's still technically considered Moscow.  I'm pretty excited to go to a knew area.  
Oh ya, it's cold now.  About -21 c yesterday.  
Ok, that's really it for now.  I'll be thinking an praying for Yvonne!  Let me know what she thinks of her patriarchal blessing!

Love you all!  
Will, Elder Bass

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