Monday, September 29, 2014

Temple Blessings

Have I got a story for you!!! 

A lady from our branch decided she wanted to go to the temple. She prepared and went to Sweden. The problem was, there wasn't anyone there who spoke Russian to help her through her first time. She goes and by happenstance there is a Russian lady in the temple that same day who has been before!! She helps her through and everything works great. This other Russian woman lives in Norway, and was planning on going on vacation with her family to Egypt or something. But she got the impression she needed to go to the temple instead. So, instead of going on vacation, she goes to Sweden and helps our ward member through the temple. After talking, they find out that they are both from Nizhny Novogorod!! What is crazier, is that this woman who lives in Norway married a Norwegian with the last name of Olsen. WHAT!?!?  I need to find out if she is related to our Olsens!!!  

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