Thursday, September 4, 2014

Baptisms and Transfers!

 YAY!!  Sara is training!!!!!  I'm so happy for her, I've wanted her to train!!!  She'll have lot's of fun :)

As you guys probly know, I'm in the most successful are I've ever been in my entire mission.  We have L and his family who will get baptized, we set another baptismal date with a different guy last week, and we will be getting another family referral this week. 
And I'm leaving on Tuesday O.o
I'm getting transferred, mid-transfer.  Not even, it's the second week of the transfer.  I'm going to go to a place called Nizhny-Novgorod.  Which is cool, it's the third or fourth largest city in Russia, and I've wanted to serve there my whole mission.  But NOW!?  Ya, I'm way bummed.  But that's what life is, and that's what happens.  They're bringing a missionary into the mission who had to get surgery done on his eyes in America, after he served two transfers in Russia.  He's been home for 3 months, and he's coming in on Tuesday. He's going to come to Lipetsk, and Elder Burton will become the new district leader and second counselor here.
Well, I've had a lot of members come up to me this past week and express how they feel about me leaving.  Most aren't very happy, haha.  One lady asked how they would function here without me.  Of course they will function fine, but I was happy that I had such an influence that the members are going to miss me.
Ok, Love you guys!!

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