Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Visit from Elder Bednar

 This weekend, Elder Bednar came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH MY GOSH!!!  We saw him at Stake Conference on Saturday, he gave an incredible talk! (funny hearing him speak Russian ;) )  And yesterday he gave another incredible talk. THEN, we had the opportunity to meet with him as missionaries.  Only the missionaries in Moscow stake got to go, so I was WAY lucky.  He came, and I was expecting to get an intense lecture/talk about missionary work and stuff, maybe like Elder Holland style.  But he came up to the stand, and told us that we would be have a discussion.  He had asked us to read three talks of his before, and he just asked us what we learned.  He started just calling on missionaries and we would say what we learned, and then he would go off for a while about it.  He called on me, and asked me some follow up questions to my comments.  I talked to Bednar :D  And then he asked us to ask any ANY questions we wanted, and he would go off about them.  I, and we, REALLY learned a LOT about how to become a better teacher.  It was supposed to start at 2 (it started about 245) and it went until 6:30!!!!  And I was way sad when he left.  I shook his hand.  It was the most spiritually building experience I think I've had in my life, in that short of time. It was truly incredible.  I don't understand how his mind works; he's my favorite apostle now for sure :)

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