Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Building relationships with the members!

So this week was pretty dang good.  We had good stuff happen.  We're gonna get a baptism here, and not only that, we are going to change this area. (no date or anything, but our AWESOME investigator) We've been working hard, and we've been doing things differently than missionaries in the past, which is what the area needs.  We also taught a lesson yesterday in Church, and we talked about members and missionaries working together.  And we've been meeting with the members like CRAZY.  We are doing everything we can to build a relationship between the members and the missionaries I'll tell you what, since doin' that we've never had so much success in this area, and I feel that it's just getting started!  And it's not just our mission that it will work for. I testify that in order to get baptisms, in order to build whatever area we're in, in order to be an outstanding missionary (not just one that's good at contacting) we NEED to build a relationship with the members, so that they cry when we leave!  (But not by wasting time "hanging out" with them.)  Using them on EVERY lesson, serving them, siting by them at church, going to lunch with them, tracking down the inactive lost sheep, and becoming their friends.  We've just barely begun to do it, and I can't explain how much my view of the mission has changed.  I'll tell you success stories from it when they really start pouring in, cuz they're going to :)

I love you guys!  

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